Top 3 free mobile photo apps that should be on your phone right now.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a powerful mobile editing app created by popular photo software developers Nik. Nik was purchased by Google and the $4.99 app was made free forever. The best part about Snapseed is that you can import any size photo into the app and edit it without any compression. That means if you take a 32 mega-pixel photo with your dslr, you can edit it on your smartphone or tablet and output a 32 mpix photo.

Snapseed has a ton of filters as well as the standard photo tools. It also has a tilt-shift emulator and an HDR from one photo filter.

2. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is in all-in-one camera, editing and sharing app. What VSCO Cam does best is film emulation. If you like the look of old film before the digital age then this is a must have. The camera is a step above the stock camera app that comes with your smart phone because you can split the focus and exposure to get a more accurate photo. After you have shot and edited your photo, you can share it on VSCO’s beautifully designed “Grid.”

3. Instagram

Instagram, by far, is the most popular photo sharing platform out there. You can shoot, edit and filter your photo and share them with millions of users. Instagram is all about the social side of photography.